About Us

We are just two sisters who fell in love with weddings while planning our own. We love all of the thought and design elements that go into them!

Kate is a scientist. That means she is organized, a planner, logical.

Kristen is an art director, She has vision! She thinks in terms of design – what fonts would look best on this invitation? You know, things like that! She’s a dreamer, big ideas and concepts.

Kristen’s artistic side with Kate’s logical side make them the perfect pair.

We are an up-and-coming business with big plans – keep an eye out for us! We currently have an etsy shop where you can check out our latest creations:



And, of course, we put all of our inspiration and ideas here, as well.

We are planning on having a brick-and-mortar store in the near future – in Schenectady, NY. Keep checking back for updates!


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. ryannaylor on said:

    Hi Kate and Kristen (K & K?). Until you get your brick and mortar store up, would you be interested in 3 mo. free advertising?

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