Throwback Thursday: Where it all began

What a loaded title. Where it all began… Where what all began? Well, my marriage, my family, and my love for wedding planning and design.
Yesterday was my third anniversary. I promise I will not fill this post with loads of sappy things about how much I love my husband and how lucky I am (though those things are both true). Instead, I thought I’d finally show you pictures of our wedding! And all the details, what we DIYed, where we got our inspiration, all of our vendors. Everything!!! But, that’s too much for one day. So it will be in weekly installments. Today, I will tell you all about my inspiration. And of course, load the post with lots of pretty pics.

It took me a long time to come up with a color palette. Before we were even engaged, I insisted that my inspiration was peacock feathers, and I wanted deep greens and purples. But, then I kept thinking that when I went back to look at pictures 20 years from now, would I have thought that purple and green and peacock was a good idea? Was it going to be like when we look back at weddings from the 80’s where everyone has big puffy sleeves and the bride is wearing a hat?

Thus, I nixed peacocks, and thought back to classic romance. I love Martha Stewart, and when reading her wedding magazine, stumbled across this picture. (Actually, it wasn’t this one exactly. I can’t find the exact one! Cut me some slack, I got married pre-Pinterest).



and then this: pink-depression-glass-wedding-ideas (


And I was pretty much sold. Oh how romantic. Pink depression glass! Vintage, classic, love love love. Could you imagine centerpieces in pink depression glass – big bowls, little teacups. Oh! I was just so excited. And knew this was it! My wedding color palette was blush, champagne, and gold!

Just look how beautiful they are together.


Now that I had a color palette, I felt like I could start planning all the details. Stay tuned!!!! Next Thursday: the DRESS!!!






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