Vintage industrial vs. modern industrial? Finding a balance…

Hi all! Kate here, and I’m here today to tell you about our own Kristen’s wedding. My goals through this post are many:

1. To show you how to balance many different vibes into one cohesive wedding

2. To show you some of our pretty inspiration boards (with links to all the good stuff)

3. To show you how we help clients fine-tune their ideas from abstract all over the place (oooh that’s pretty, but wait! That is too!!) to focused and put together.

Have any questions? (Let me know if you do).

Now to the good stuff.

Kristen is an edgy NYC girl. So we knew she wasn’t going to have a traditional church then country club-type wedding (not hating, that’s pretty much what I had. We just knew it wasn’t for Kristen). But, we are from upstate NY, so we were worried that we weren’t going to be able to find a modern hip place to hold this shindig without having it in the city. But, after only a few minutes of searching, we knew we had found THE ONE. Unfortunately, we were told the place was pretty small and probably didn’t hold weddings.

We gave them a call anyway, just to see. And we were given the best news EVER!! They were in the process of renovating more space to hold events! Kristen went and checked it out ASAP. And fell in love. She is having her wedding at ……

THE CHARLES LUCAS CONFECTIONERY in Troy, NY!!!! Check them out: and their facebook page:

Do you love it as much as we do??? It’s the perfect mix of modern, vintage, rustic, and industrial.

The space is so cool that we wanted the vibe and decor of the wedding to match but not overpower. We were left struggling how to balance all of these different “feels” that the space has.

We had tons of ideas: mason jars, Edison bulbs, burlap, geometric patterns, bold colors mixed with neutrals, vintage crates, lots of glass, billy balls, marquee letters, branches, chevron…the list went on and on and on. And I think it is clear that not all of these would necessarily work together. So, we created two inspiration boards, one focusing more on the vintage feel, with the other focused more on the modern vibe -each paired with industrial touches to accent the space.

First up: Vintage industrial



And now….modern industrial:

kris wedding modern


In the next few days, I will post the solution to this problem (best problem ever!). What would you all do? Go totally vintage? Totally modern? A mix? What would be the ideal mix?

You will be hearing from me very soon!

And remember, love is for….like EVER!


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